by Amputecht

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Our first offering to date, "Terminal" is just a preview of the vast catalogue of material that we are currently working on. After months of setbacks and false-starts, this release is our way of telling the extreme music community that we are here, and we're not going anywhere.


released December 13, 2013

David Dickinson, Justin Frost, Joe Musial, Joe Brzozowiec, Mike Toczek Jr, Mike Cassidy, Engineered and recorded by Nick Borgosz at World of Noise studio in Buffalo.



all rights reserved


Amputecht Buffalo, New York

Amputecht is the product of a myriad of musical influences. Taking in elements of post hardcore, progressive rock, and multiple metal subgenres, Amputecht seeks to not simply perform extreme music, but to help advance it.

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Track Name: R.E.M.
Blindly follow the heretic
Light growing with every step
Clouds forming around your head
Traversing seas with a heart of lead

With your eyes to the sun
Realize we are one
You realize your existence
Your life

Lying down on a steel frame
Reading the text from whence they came
The difference between a prophecy and lie
Is the question
For our time

With your eyes to the sun
Realize we are one
You realize your existence
Your life

I needed to find a way
To escape
The mediocrity of a
Life without faith
Grasping quickly for a clue
As to what lies beyond
For me and you

Suddenly I am
My entrance into this state of


Hold your breath
Set your feet
The sides inside your mind
Will now cease
Cease to compete

Do you feel the will?
Now that you know
Constant conflict between the realms
Of what's known and what's
Hidden from ourselves

We're pushing the boundaries of
Collective mentality
Now our thoughts have ascended from
Our own
Into the unknown

There's no going home
From here
It's time to face your fear

It's time
Track Name: What's Seen Through the Eyes of the Dead
When your eyes
Close to the sun
Welcome the Earth
Until there is none
The river will flow
Beneath your feet
Swallow the blood
Accept your defeat

Nothing to show for your
Your family wonders where you
Left your life

The black car rolls up
The flag is laid out
Body count, one
A broken woman

Dark cries of sorrow running
Across the sound
She closes her eyes as she
Falls to the ground

Noose is pulled
Life is null
Why do we try
The cuts are deep
And pleasure's not cheap
There's something wrong with this picture
I can't seem to find
The stroke that makes life
A thing
Worth paying
Looking over times
When life seemed
The photo is blank
Only mistakes remain
Remain in my
Remain in my mind

Nothing to show for your sacrifice
Your family wonders where you
You left your life
Track Name: They May Have Given the Orders, But What Was the Cause for the Killing?
We grew so strong
We grew so tall
The ending of leaves laid down from the fall
Without complication
We walked though the land
Traveling further
With love in our hands

Don't act like you don't know
What you are

We're crossing a line
Yet it burns so bright

With history
Coming to present
I ask why

So hesitant
Why so hesitant?
No, no
So we press on
Growing closer everyday
Only three words one can say

Don't turn your back on me
'Cause I love your way

I can't let you walk away
'Cause I...I...